All the techniques proposed within Terapi make it possible to improve your silhouette, the quality of your fabrics and your overall tonus.


LPG01The endermology helps remove cellulite and helps reactivate cellular activity by mechanical stimulation of the skin in a painless and non-invasive manner.
It is performed using LPG Cellu M6 rollers which help:

  • remove and disintegrate fatty deposits
  • restore healthy blood microcirculation
  • revive subcutaneous circulatory exchange


The Pilates method is a method aimed at developing deep muscles, especially those of the abdominal muscles, improving posture, muscle balancing and joint relaxation.

Streching courses make it possible to lengthen the muscular body and thus to release the joints of the muscular tensions by also acting on the posture. A good muscular flexibility helps avoid low back pain or cervicalgia.

General postural gymnastics is a technique based on the relaxation of the posterior muscular chain and the toning of the anterior muscular chain so as to raise a maximum of tension to allow the column to free itself from the stresses of the neighboring tissues.


The Power Plate is a medical device which constitutes of a vibrating plate that you step and exercise on.powerplate It aids muscle function and helps get fast results in bodybuilding and slimming down.

It is beneficial for:

  • weight loss
  • reduction of cellulite
  • bone density
  • acquiring strength and muscle power
  • circulation and cardiovascular functions
  • pain relief
  • prevention of falls, improving posture
  • improving flexibility and range of motion
  • well-being and quality of life


Plantar reflexology is a method that originates in Chinese medicine. It is done by exerting pressure in specific locations to relieve tensions. It is incredibly relaxing and aids blood circulation of legs and feet.

Its physical benefits are:

  • energizes the body
  • harmonizes vital functions
  • releases stress and nervous tension
  • relieves back tension and other pains by improving blood circulation
  • brings deep relaxation
  • promotes the elimination of toxins by acting on the lymphatic system
  • relaxes the muscles

its psychic Benefits are:

  • provides mental relaxation
  • removes negative emotions