TERAPI offers a wide range of services, including Kinesiotherapy, Osteopathy, Aesthetics, Pilates and group courses

Kinesiotherapy and Osteopathy Health Specialists

TERAPI brings together kinesio-physiotherapists and osteopaths specializing in a wide range of paramedical fields.


Kinesiotherapy is rehabilitative/therapeutic treatment of disease that uses muscular exercise or passive movement, which uses either active movements (medical gymnastic) or passive methods (massages, mobilization) that work towards strengthening of the muscles and and improve the strength and the mobility in patients.


Osteopathy is a collection of treatment techniques that emphasizes massage and other physical manipulation of muscle tissue, bones and joints.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage whose purpose is to help the lymph to circulate, to promote chemical processes and cell regeneration and to activate the immune process.

Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is used to induce extracellular and microscopic interstitial biological effects which results in quick regeneration of tissue.

Reboutement (Rebuilding)

The reboutement (rebuilding) techniques help restoring the damaged nerves, sprung tendons, cramped muscles, sprains and dislocated joints.

Pediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathic consultation are often recommended for newborn babies, its aim is to remove the tensions that may have appeared during pregnancy and childbirth.

Sutherland Method

The Sutherland method is a specific technique which is characterized by its extremely soft nature. There is no joint or muscle manipulation (the therapist does not “crack” your joints).


Kinesio-Taping® is a specific strapping technique that is used for treating muscle, tendon, ligament and circulatory disorders. Conventional strapping methods create stabilization by limiting the amplitudes to which muscles or bones move and in doing so it applies pressure on the lesion area which reduces subcutaneous circulation.

Reflex Massage

This is a method derived from acupuncture which uses the same guidelines according to which each organ of the body has a corresponding point at the feet.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a proven way to reduce sports related injuries and to increase safety in sports by improving physical conditions.

Sports Osteopathy

Athletes are increasingly using osteopaths services in their careers. Some international teams even have osteopath professionals on staff (French football team, XV de France, etc.).

Overall Postural Gymnastics

Postural gymnastics harmonize and strengthen your muscle system through movement.

The Mézières Method

The Mézières method is a postural rehabilitation technique that aims at relaxing muscular tensions and correcting deviations of the vertebral column.

Aesthetics, Pilates and Group Courses

All techniques we use at Terapi work towards improving your silhouette, your posture, your external and internal health and beauty and your overall tonus.

Cellu M6

The endermology helps remove cellulite and helps reactivate cellular activity by mechanical stimulation of the skin in a painless and non-invasive manner.

Pilates and Group Lessons

The Pilates method is a method aimed at developing deep muscles, especially those of the abdominal muscles, improving posture, muscle balancing and joint relaxation.

Power Plate

The Power Plate is a medical device which constitutes of a vibrating plate that you step and exercise on.powerplate It aids muscle function and helps get fast results in bodybuilding and slimming down.

Plantar Reflexology

Plantar reflexology is a method that originates in Chinese medicine. It is done by exerting pressure in specific locations to relieve tensions. It is incredibly relaxing and aids blood circulation of legs and feet.