Terapi offers a wide range of Kinesiotherapy and Osteopathy services


Kinesio-Taping® is a specific strapping technique that is used for treating muscle, tendon, ligament and circulatory disorders. Conventional strapping methods create stabilization by limiting the amplitudes to which muscles or bones move and in doing so it applies pressure on the lesion area which reduces subcutaneous circulation.

The Kinésio Taping® allows freedom of movements and works like a pump by stimulating the lymphatic circulation. The result is a reduction in pressure and irritation of the subcutaneous mechanoreceptors.

  • Beneficial effects on muscle function — it could facilitate operation or inhibit contraction
  • Reduction of pain by decreasing pressure on mechanoreceptors
  • Improved blood and lymph circulation helping to eliminate excess edema and drainage of hematomas
  • Rehabilitation of joint functions by assisting the physiology of joints