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Sports Osteopathy

Athletes are increasingly using osteopaths services in their careers. Some international teams even have osteopath professionals on staff (French football team, XV de France, etc.).

The reason for this is because osteopaths can be beneficial to athletes in many ways.

  • Has preventive action against injuries
  • Addresses certain imbalances in the body
  • Is required for following-up on sustained injuries
  • Is used to relieve pain
  • Improves performance
  • Is recommended when preparing for significant sports events
  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments

For that, the intervention of an osteopath could be quite beneficial for athletes at all levels. Whether they are beginners, who want to lower injury risk while they practice ; semi-professionals who wish to improve their performance; or professionals who want to recover quickly after an injury or who are preparing for a sports event.

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