Terapi offers a wide range of Kinesiotherapy and Osteopathy services

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a proven way to reduce sports related injuries and to increase safety in sports by improving physical conditions.

It helps the body to adapt to the elevated effort levels during sports in to be able to sustain more physical activity. It is performed on muscles, tendons and joints using various massages and manipulations.

The athletic physiotherapist helps the athlete gradually adapt his or her respiratory system and cardiovascular system to the practiced sport.

The physiotherapist helps develop individual conditioning programs suited to each individual level and advises what kind of physical activities should be performed to match athletes’ personal abilities. These measures are designed to prevent injuries.

Sports physiotherapy also deals with the treatment of most sports-related traumas such as sprains, tendonitis, ligamentous elongations, and some fractures. It ensures  gradual restoration to the pre-injury level by rehabilitation adapted to the athlete and the trauma.